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Try Before You Buy Property: A Free Call Option?

In recent years there has been a trend towards UHNW clients renting prime London property with the option to acquire at a pre-determined price, otherwise known as "try before you buy". Recent examples of this include the £1m rental of the former Lib Dems HQ near The Houses of Parliament with a pre-agreed option to acquire at £35m.

In the stock market this type of arrangement is called a call option although the buyer of a call option would be required to pay a premium (or deposit) for the right (but not the obligation) to exercise this option and acquire at a pre-determined price.

In the case of try before you buy property, if no option premium can be negotiated with the landlord/vendor then in effect the tenant/would-be buyer is getting a free call option on the property (something a stock market investor would long for).

Imagine a situation whereby the aforementioned property appreciated by 10% over the following 12 months. The tenant would be looking at a £3.5m profit for zero upfront outlay (apart from the rent which he would have paid anyway).

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